August 26, 2021

Waycare Celebrates Women’s Equality Day

by Maria Kolar, Marketing Manager

In August of 1920, the Nineteenth Amendment was officially adopted into the United States constitution. This amendment prohibited states and the federal government from denying the right to vote to citizens on the basis of their sex. 

On August 26th, 1970, to commemorate the signing of the Nineteenth Amendment, women across the United States gathered in protest to spread awareness of issues like abortion rights, free childcare and equal opportunity in the workforce. 

Congresswoman Bella Abzug of New York then introduced a resolution to designate August 26 as Women’s Equality day. Finally in 1972, President Richard Nixon issued Proclamation 4147, which designated August 26th as “Women’s Rights Day.” 

To celebrate Women’s Equality Day, we decided to interview several of our female employees who were asked to tell a story of a woman who has inspired them. The following are excerpts from their responses.

Efrat Barak Zadok

A woman who has inspired me throughout my life is Israeli investigative journalist, news anchor and lawyer, Ilana Dayan

Ilana inspires me because she shows an admirable fearlessness in her pursuit of truth.

We served in the same unit of the Israeli Defense Force – I really believed as a child I could end up to be like her one day. 

She’s still one of the most prominent voices in Israeli news media and she even teaches courses at Tel Aviv University. 

Na’ama Goldberg

Someone I look up to is Marta Landin, my former manager at Accenture. 

Marta taught me what successful and efficient project management looks like and how to manage colleagues and customers in an assertive, respectful and most importantly considerate manner. Together with this, perhaps the most important skill I learned while working with Marta is the true meaning of teamwork. I really saw what working towards a shared goal looks like and what it meant to operate as one cohesive unit. Equally as important, I learned the importance of being ‘human’ and considerate of others’ needs in creating happy and productive teams. Seeing her place the welfare of her team members as the first priority made me realize how fortunate I was to work alongside someone who was not only professionally inspiring but also personally admirable.

I was fortunate enough to work alongside such a humble and impactful leader and I hope to see many more women like Marta in management positions.

Inbal Goldman Zucker

My inspirational figure is Sara Tancman. 

Sara is the founder of the Briah Fund – a charitable organization that promotes women’s rights in Healthcare. 

In 2014, Sara was experiencing severe pain while she was five months pregnant with twins. She went to the hospital and the pain worsened to the point that she could barely breathe. The doctor told her she was “fine” and that sometimes pregnant women “imagine things”. The doctor sent her home where she later went into labor, tragically losing her twins in the process. 

She founded the Briah Fund after this experience in hopes of changing and improving how women are treated in the Israeli medical system. Sara grew out of her own pain and she inspires me as a revolutionary female leader that hopes to make a difference in the world

Kali Breheny

I feel really lucky to have been surrounded by so many strong women throughout my life. 

My Great-Aunt Mary in particular helped shape my worldview growing up – she spoke her mind, made her own rules and projected so much confidence. 

I find it especially inspiring given that she grew up in an age when women were expected to be demure. I have taken this to heart as I go through life, tackling new opportunities that would not have been available to someone like me just decades ago. 

I am thankful for all the progress we have made but am keenly aware of how much more we have left to achieve. 

Morgan Hansen

I’ve been incredibly lucky to have many inspiring women in my life, but it all comes back to my great grandmother. 

Lillian Fisher was a woman who had to depend on herself from a very young age. She raised two children on her own and was a pillar of my family. She was a source of comfort, motivation and the occasional necessary tough love. 

I am so grateful to have known her and to be part of her legacy. 

Becky Song

The only person that comes to mind when I think of the woman who has inspired me the most is always my mom. 

My mom left everything in Korea to search for a better life in Chile with my dad. She went through numerous trials and tribulations in a foreign land, learning a new language without being acquainted with a single soul (other than my dad). 

She grew up poor and was constantly robbed of opportunities to succeed and advance in our society. Due to her upbringing and circumstances, she vowed to provide her children with the luxuries of life that were unattainable to her during her life. Her journey is one of resilience, great determination and sacrifice, which allowed for greater opportunities for her children. 

When I feel like giving up, my mom always inspires me to keep moving forward because she did and it has led her to succeed in her own way. 

Maria Kolar 

I’m inspired everyday by my mom who is a fierce businesswoman in the Pharmaceutical industry. She immigrated alone to the US from Iran when she was only seventeen years old, barely knowing any English. She worked odd jobs for several years to make ends meet. After attending college, she worked full-time, all while raising three children and studying to obtain her MBA. Her resilience motivates me to work hard and stand up for what I believe in and her killer sense of humor reminds me to not take myself too seriously. 

We at Waycare are proud to stand with people across the world in celebrating Women’s Equality Day. If you wish to read more about the history of the day, click here.

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