Waycare responds to the COVID-19 Crisis

Waycare was founded with community and safety in mind. As such, we are applying our tools and knowledge-base to support our clients during these challenging times. We have implemented several projects not only aimed at helping transportation agencies navigate the turbulent landscape, but also to support the public in their ongoing Coronavirus containment efforts.

Supporting Transit Rerouting

The CDC released guidelines instructing public transit agencies to severely limit ridership as part of social-distancing measures. As a result, agencies need to make changes to their fixed routing patterns to enable more frequent service to bus stops that are in higher-demand. Waycare is working with the Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) to support effective decision-making for bus routes based on the level of urgency, proximity to essential locations, the number of passengers, and more.
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New Map Layers for Waycare Users

As new testing sites become available, safety agencies will need to be responsive. Waycare has added a COVID-19 testing site layer on the live map to help safety agencies stay one step ahead. We have also added map layers to highlight essential businesses which may become inundated with traffic during this period. These include food pantries, grocery stores, pharmacies, healthcare facilities, and schools.
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