The Waycare Platform

Waycare aggregates, synthesizes, and analyzes data from existing transportation infrastructure, in-vehicle data, and other crowd sourced information to provide a shared, cloud-based platform unlocking key real-time and predictive operational insights about your roads. Waycare’s platform is software and hardware agnostic making it compatible with your existing technology. The Waycare Platform is the base platform on which use-case specific modules are provided.

Public Sector Solutions

Private Sector Solutions

Waycare partners with a wide range of data providers to collect information from connected vehicles, navigation apps, and public weather and event services. We process this data to identify and predict incidents and congestion, storing these insights in a Data Warehouse. Real-time insights and historical reports are accessible via API unlocking opportunities for a variety of consumer applications. 

Toll Road Management

Reduce incident response time to maintain capacity, and predict congestion to manage traffic flow and variable speeds for efficiency and safety.


Feed data to drivers via mobile apps to improve safety for customers, and use risk predictions to allow drivers to avoid high risk areas to earn better rates.


Enable proactive placement of tow trucks based on risk predictions to more quickly remove vehicles and clear roadways.

Delivery, Trucking & Logistics

Provide a live incident feed and crash risk prediction to help fleets get their vehicles where they need to more reliably and quickly.

Added Capabilities

Mobility Data Warehouse

Waycare’s data warehouse aggregates and synthesizes data from disparate data sources to provide a unified and structured database ready for querying and reporting. Built-in APIs ensure future data modifications and addition of new data sources while allowing collaborative access for multiple agencies and users. Learn more on how Waycare’s data warehouse can help build the foundation for your transportation data management.

CV Data Engine

Waycare’s CV Data Engine generates insights from connected vehicles in real-time. Contextual driving behavior such as harsh braking, excessive acceleration, and swerving alerts operators to potentially hazardous roadway conditions ahead of an actual incident. Waycare is able to leverage this data source to benefit planning efforts, work zone monitoring, intersection performance, and driver safety.

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