May 18, 2020

How Waycare Responds to Its Users’ Needs

Post by: Ayala Rosenbaum, Waycare Product Manager

The Waycare team is constantly searching for new ways to create value for our clients’ evolving needs. Most of our efforts are directed towards improving incident management operations and reducing traffic congestion, especially on freeways and high-volume arterial roads. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced traffic congestion drastically, with new traffic build-ups occurring near testing sites and other essential locations such as grocery stores and pharmacies.

05.13.20 – Congestion build-up surrounding a COVID-19 Testing Site in Las Vegas, NV
03.18.20 – Congestion build-up surrounding a Costco store in Henderson, NV

As a result of these changing traffic patterns, Waycare has developed new layers for its map-based interface, highlighting essential locations which are more likely to become inundated with traffic. For example, COVID-19 testing will become ever more important as we continue to emerge from lockdown. Therefore, the first new layer we developed helps users identify COVID-19 testing sites. 

Next, we developed a layer to highlight other essential locations such as food banks, grocery stores, and pharmacies. Users can turn layers on and off to pinpoint certain essential locations and better manage traffic in these areas. 

The impact of COVID-19 will almost certainly remain for many months to come. With this in mind, Waycare is proud to work with agencies to find ways to proactively manage traffic and better navigate the changing landscape.

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