Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Waycare platform?

Waycare is available for both public and private entities that have a vested interest in improving the safety and efficiency of their transportation network. On the public side, we support cities, counties, state DOTs, transportation management centers, first responders, service patrol, maintenance, and transit.

Waycare also has a strong focus on building and maintaining partnerships with private companies to tap into data stores from a variety of sources such as connected vehicles, weather, events, telematics, etc.

How quickly will I see the benefits of the platform?

As a software as a service (SaaS) platform, Waycare is available to customers immediately. Customers will typically realize value within the first few months.

How does Waycare’s pricing work?

Waycare’s solutions are priced according to a software as a service (SaaS) based model. Typical fees vary widely based on the services requested. On-going costs are included in an annual subscription fee which can be separate or inclusive of initial deployment and build work.

How does Waycare integrate with outside data sources? And is it compatible with my existing systems?

Waycare can merge with existing hardware and software solutions using a web interface. In addition, Waycare allows agencies to connect to future systems through a variety of supported APIs which are designed to support future technologies.

Do I need to install new hardware or software to deploy the platform?

As a cloud-based platform, Waycare is purely focused on providing software solutions and therefore does not supply any hardware. However, this means the company is completely hardware agnostic – allowing for multiple partnerships with various public and private organizations. The product is able to be customized with the partner’s needs in mind, so the agency can be flexible and dynamic in their traffic operations.

How do agencies collaborate through the Waycare platform?

Regional agencies collaborate with one another leveraging a shared set of traffic-related data. For example, Traffic Management Operators can input incident activity and memo descriptions that are instantly accessible to other users in different agencies such as First Responders and Maintenance crews. When any user creates or updates an incident any changes are immediately visible to all users.

Users can assign field units to incidents provided that they have the appropriate permissions. Shared access to the relevant CCTV cameras and incident logs enable field users to have shared context of a particular situation prior to arriving on the scene.

How does Waycare ensure the security of our data?

Waycare implements comprehensive security procedures for managing and accessing data in accordance with the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), CJIS Security Requirements and Amazon Web Service security guidelines. As a SOC II compliant organization Waycare complies with complex regulatory requirements, frameworks, and the latest regulations and best practices, all with the aim of ensuring the safety of client and internal data and operations.

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