March 26, 2020

Dear Coronavirus: What Have You Done to my Commute?

By Noam Maital, CEO at Waycare

Dear COVID-19,

We didn’t think it would happen like this. We knew you were coming, but you have stolen the normalcy from our everyday lives. As a precaution, we let you take our events, our favorite restaurants, and even our toilet paper. And now you’ve taken our traffic. We were already trying to fix it, and we’re convinced a better way is still out there. While we’re relieved to know there are less crashes on the road, we hate to attribute it to you.

Oh, and Coronavirus, one more thing.  We hate you fiercely, but you have humbled humanity at a time when it felt like our innovations made us invincible. You have neither an agenda nor a brain, yet you reduced our traffic by half. Times like these provide a stark reminder of the fragility of our highly interconnected society. 

People are staying home, washing hands, and keeping a safe distance from one another. Our commutes have been reduced to walking from our kitchen to our living room. We’re doing our part to flatten the curve because we know what comes next; our schools, businesses, and offices will eventually reopen. The world will no longer be on pause. People will trickle out of their homes and go about their lives with a renewed sense of freedom and purpose. We will shake hands at work and embrace our loved ones at home. And finally, it will be us humans, not the virus, that take on reimagining our transportation network, where cars, pedestrians, micro-mobility and all forms of transportation all work together in unison to provide a seamless and more importantly safe way for us all to enjoy the community we live in.

Yours Truly,

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