June 11, 2021

Southern Nevada Road to Zero Program

A Comprehensive Report on the Safety and Economic Impact of Deploying AI-based Predictive Analytics and Preventive Activities in Las Vegas

The following white paper identifies the effects of proactive traffic management in the Las Vegas region from October 2019 through December 2020. The goal of the program was to reduce crashes across selected high-risk corridors by 5% and to observe the impact of preventative activities (PA) on corridor-level behavior (speed, congestion, etc.).



Some of our findings include:

  • 18% reduction in crashes in corridors of focus
  • 43% decrease in the percentage of speeding drivers in corridors of focus
  • 9% decline in standard deviation as an indicator of increased speed harmonization in the corridors of focus
  • 2.76% decrease in average speeds (MPH) in corridors of focus


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