Traffic management reimagined

A cloud-based platform for proactive traffic management

How it Works

Waycare collects data from transportation agencies' existing infrastructure. This information is combined with additional data from mobile apps, connected vehicles, weather, and event management systems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms ingest, synthesize, and process this information to produce actionable insights and predictions for traffic safety and congestion management.

Industries we serve

Upcoming Events

A few of our upcoming conferences that we will be attending or speaking at

Texas Mobility Summit

October 27-29, 2021

ITS Midwest

November 4-5, 2021

The Prime Minister's Smart Mobility Summit 2021

November 8-9, 2021

Gulf Region ITS 2021

November 15-18, 2021

ITS America 2021

December 7-10, 2021

Waycare in Action

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