Waycare Solutions


Traffic Management Operations

Waycare’s transportation management platform enables cities to take control of their roads by leveraging in-vehicle data and the power of AI for smarter traffic operations, crash prevention, and advanced data visualization.

Integrating disparate systems, and sources of data into a GIS-based interface, the operator platform offers AI-driven incident identification dynamic congestion and travel analysis and predictive predictive analytics to identify near-term dangerous roads.







Law Enforcement & Emergency Services

On-board proactive traffic safety and incident response solution for law enforcement agencies based on automated AI-driven incident identification using in-vehicle data and city resources and integrated into the city’s traffic management solution. The platform is designed to enable seamless interaction through the platform with officers in real-time to improve communications and incident mitigation activities Features such as CCTV incident capture and verified incident location have proved as critical components in improving mitigation and clearance capabilities.

This solution is accessible from browser both on dispatch computer and onboard computer.

Roadway & Safety Service Patrol

Real-time operations platform designed a dedicated for Service Patrol drivers with the goal of improving traffic safety and reporting capabilities. Waycare has enabled Service Patrol drivers to reduce unnecessary radio chatter by providing integrated digital reporting capabilities. Additionally, Waycare’s platform, using in-vehicle data and machine learning, has alerted Service Patrol drivers of relevant incidents on the road, improving proactive mitigation and arrival rather than ‘discovering’ an incident by driving by it on the predetermined routes. Furthermore, all information logged into the system is logged and reported to management teams to track ongoing performance of the program.


Traffic Engineering

AI-driven analytics & insights empowering data-driven decisions for improved road safety, traffic flow & road design assessment. The automated reporting capabilities come with an integrated interface including PDF export functionality for building external reports and easy data access.